Cyber Security

With diverse cyber security threats for the countries across the region, from government-sponsored attacks to the internet and mobile banking, ASEAN is moving quickly to embrace cyber security solutions.

On September 14th, ASEAN, a Southeast Asian regional cooperative consisting of ten member-nations, opened the ASEAN-Japan Cyber Security Capacity Building Centre in Bangkok, Thailand. The Centre is designed to train personnel from member countries in countering cyber threats.

The Centre was the brainchild of a meeting of ASEAN and Japanese ministers last year in Cambodia. The seriousness of the threats and the lack of local cybersecurity personnel meant that ASEAN had to look outside its member nations for help.

A report from A.T. Kearney has said ‘ASEAN’s cyber security spending is set to rise. In 2017 alone, ASEAN’s cyber security spend was estimated at $1.9 billion. It is expected to grow by double-digits to $5.45 billion up to 2025. That being said, the region still remains vulnerable to attacks, as it is relatively underinvested compared to other regions.’

Singapore leads the region in cyber security spending and is one of the leaders globally, but other nations of ASEAN are increasing spend rapidly.

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