Smart Cities

ASEAN has been urbanising at a rapid pace and over the next few years will be home to some of the world’s largest metropolises. Already, 22% of the ASEAN’s population lives in cities with more than 200,000 inhabitants and these cities contribute more than half (54%) of regional GDP.

A key deliverable of the 32nd ASEAN summit was the establishment of a Smart Cities network and to harness ASEAN’s collective ability to rapidly develop the region’s Smart Cities infrastructure.

Notable opportunities include Thailand’s aim to raise its number of smart cities from 3 to 100 in the next 20 years, Singapore’s Smart Living infrastructure for elderly citizens, Kuala Lumpur’s Smart transportation network, and Indonesia’s ‘Movement towards 100 smart cities’ by 2019.

26 cities from the region have also recently been named pilot cities for the ASEAN Smart Cities Network. This initiative is envisioned as a collaborative platform where up to three cities per ASEAN country work towards a common goal of smart and sustainable urban development. Cities include Singapore, Johor Bahru, Phuket, Yangon, Phnom Penh and Vientiane.

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