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‘Made in UK’ Label is One of the Most Respected in the World


Fri, 7 Apr. 2017

    Make It British

In a recent global survey carried out by Statista, the UK was the 3rd highest ranked individual country for it’s ‘Made in UK’ label. Only Germany and Switzerland came higher, with the EU as a whole taking the third spot. The UK beat expected heavy-hitters like Italy (7th) and France (9th). Maybe not surprisingly, China came in at the bottom at 49th.


The ‘Made in Country’ index ranks countries according to how positively a ‘made in…’ label is perceived respectively.

Over 43,000 people were interviewed across 53 different countries. They were asked to consider values such as quality, security standards, value for money, uniqueness, design, advanced technology, authenticity and sustainability.

A ‘Made in UK’ label is revered all over the world for its quality and provenance, which must be seen as a vote of confidence for current exporters and just one more great reason to start exporting if you are not already.

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