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Webinar: Your Southeast Asia Expansion – People before Product


Why should you attend

Southeast Asia is a highly contested market and newcomers can struggle to persuade the top talent to confide in them. A company’s first hire is the most important of all and needs to both have the support from HQ and tools to build out a winning local team.

Companies that enter a new market may have their product top-of-mind, but the people promoting their product in a new market are far more important.

When not well executed, hiring abroad can reduce not increase transparency and companies’ views into a new market, so it is critical to secure the best people for the job and ensure their buy-in.

What will you learn

  • How global business growth will continue despite challenging circumstances and why remote work is the new normal.
  • How to put employees in new regions ahead of your product or service, including trustworthy hiring, onboarding and HR management in a different country.
  • Best practices for expansion to another country and getting the ball rolling in a new market.
  • Marketing Internationalization Best Practices – Best practices on how to raise brand awareness before going out to the market.
  • Partnering Best Practices – why companies that come to Asia need partners in Asia and how to manage them.

This event is hosted by the British Chamber of Commerce – Singapore in partnership with Globalization Partners.

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