Opportunities in the Technology Sector in ASEAN

Welcome to our Technology Microsite where you will find a wealth of information on opportunities, news and events in the technology sector in Southeast Asia. Southeast Asia is a region of fast economic development and progress in technology, however individual countries within ASEAN vary widely in technological development, from the ‘Smart Nation’ of Singapore to newly developing countries of Cambodia and Laos; there are opportunities across the full range of tech sectors and for UK companies of all sizes.

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With solid population and economic growth predicted to continue across ASEAN, this dynamic region is set for technology transformation and solutions to improve the standards of living, improve city infrastructure, and facilitate growth in retail and commerce.

Areas of especially high opportunity in ASEAN at this time include:

Cyber Security

Financial Technology

Smart Cities

Across industries, technology is seen as an enabler and paramount to an organisation’s change and forward strategy:

Financial Services

Financial institutions are taking interest in new technology, not only in Fintech but also actively looking at Cloud, AI and Cyber Security as well as Big Data Analytics. The sophistication of technology penetration has pushed financial institutions to gain extra interest in adopting disruptive technology for better customer interfaces and user experiences.


Companies involved in the manufacturing side of the market find technologies such as IoT and Cloud could help drive productivity and allow them to remain at the cutting edge with their competitors.


e-Payment and Big Data Analytics have predominantly dominated the telecommunications industry where the application of these technologies can be seen widely across major telcos in Malaysia.

Oil & Gas

The highly specialised Oil & Gas industry is no longer a barrier for technologies such as e-Commerce, Cloud, AI and Big Data Analytics to penetrate. The O&G players are very responsive towards new inventions and are looking forward to adopting technology that can cut across industries.


The energy industry is actively seeking technology such as IoT, AI and Big Data Analytics to be used in the sector. This fast-growing industry is now ready to embrace the Industrial Revolution 4.0 where creative inventions are welcome to test their solutions in the industry.


For land and air transportation, AI and Cyber Security have been the industry favourites in joining others to adopt the new mechanics for greater efficiency. Cyber Security is now seen as the protector of public transportation systems and AI deems to create a real-life situation to mitigate logistics risks and help to migrate excessive traffic flow.


Government ministries and agencies in Malaysia are embracing technology in their daily operations. Cloud, e-Commerce, AI, Cyber Security and Big Data Analytics are commonly used across ministries and agencies in centralising and digitalising public sector services in the country. The approach to streamline public services technology adoption is actively taking place right now, and the Malaysian government welcomes new collaborations and partnerships with external stakeholders for this purpose.


Education uses almost all of the key technology verticals, from Fintech to Smart Cities, AI to e-Commerce. The constant search for new development has paved the way for the education sector to partner with great institutions to better existing technologies. Thus, making it most receptive to embracing the new wave of technologies emerging in the coming years.

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