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    Launch of the Education is GREAT Campaign in ASEAN

    Access the number one resource for UK businesses looking to provide educational products and services to Southeast Asia.

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    UKABC's November 2017 Chairman's Dinner

    UKABC's Board and valued guests dined and discussed the future of UK-ASEAN relations.

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    UKABC and Partners host the ASEAN@50 Business Forum

    On 11 October 2017, key figures from governments and businesses across the UK and ASEAN gathered to discuss future opportunities.

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      Electronic Payment Products

      Products being sought include mobile applications and electronic wallets.

    • Publication

      Malaysia Key Sector Reports

      Malaysia is focussing heavily on tech and digital solutions across a range of sectors.

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      Vietnam has one of the fastest-growing, most vibrant economies in all of Asia.

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      Hotel Electrical Equipment

      A large investment group is looking for hotel electrical equipment for its hotel project,

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      Golf Course Design Consultancy

      A real estate company wants consultancy for a proposed golf course.

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      The Philippines

      The Philippines has improved by 32 places over the last 4 years in the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.