• ASEAN Specialists Touring the UK for 1-2-1 Meetings

    From 30 April to 11 May, ASEAN BritChams are bringing their expertise to locations convenient for you.

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  • London School of Economic's Southeast Asia Forum 2018

    LSE will be answering the tough political and economic questions about ASEAN's future on 21 May 2018.

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    Learn more about the Education is GREAT Campaign in ASEAN

    Access the number one resource for UK businesses looking to provide educational products and services to Southeast Asia.

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      Webinar on the Malaysian Tech Sector

      This webinar will highlight technology opportunities to UK businesses across various sectors.

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      High Speed Rail Project

      This exciting project is part of efforts towards greater connectivity between Malaysia and Singapore.

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      The largest economic sector in Indonesia is manufacturing and processing, which contributes around 24% of the GDP.

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      “Thailand and Vietnam lead the Asian century”

      Article by Mark Field, Minister of State for Asia and the Pacific.

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      Advancing ASEAN in the Digital Age

      Capturing the ideas and perspectives of business leaders and policymakers on the how the digital age will impact the region.

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      Thailand offers exciting business opportunities to companies prepared to take a serious interest in this dynamic market.